Killes goal for her aroma extracts has been to arouse true feelings from raw plant materials of exceptional high organic quality, and through the carefully chosen combinations of dried and fresh roots, seeds and bark, flowers and herbs, she tries to capture the beauty of the unexpected and create excitement in the surprise. Therefore no ready-made essential oils or extracts are used. All her aroma extracts are made exclusively from raw plant materials.



There is a diversity of nature and beauty found in every glass flacon of The taste of a Scent. The energy and quality of spices, herbs and flowers vary depending on the harvest. Kille actively navigates through the natural variation of scent and flavour potentials in each harvest. Therefore each batch of aromas various in colour, scent and flavour.



Today all our aroma extracts are handmade in Denmark. Organic alcohol is used as the natural solvent for the plant extracts. Only pure alcohol derived from organic wheat is used. Each aroma is filtered by hand, without pressure and allowed to rest. An extraction technique with a duration of months, developed by Kille for this project only. Every step from extraction, filtration, filling to packing is done by the same few hands.



The Taste of a Scent has required more than seven years of experimentation. Years of adjustments, comparisons and simply waiting for the development of the natural sensory qualities. An ongoing process of solitude, focus and pure excitement. This process takes place in Kille’s aroma Studio and her organic garden in Southern Sweden – a remote sensory library filled with countless prototypes still evolving into new fine aromas.



Kille Enna Aroma extracts are:
Certified Organic
Free from GMO
Free from sugar
Free from artificial sweeteners
Free from synthetic fragrances
Free from synthetic colourings
Free from synthetic preservatives

All our aroma extracts meets the requirements of European food-, aroma- and organic regulations, and are under yearly control of the Danish Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Fisheries – Danish Veterinary and Food Administration.



Kille Enna strives to provide intoxicating scent and flavour moments for water with minimum impact on the environment. Listed below are some of the initiatives taken to meet that goal.

Due to the concentrated form of our aroma extracts, it is possible to produce small lightweight bottles with a high content of scent and flavour which subsequently is diluted with water and enjoyed – minimising the consumption of packaging and transportation impact.

All ingredients used in our aroma extracts are certified organic and grown on small-scale organic and biodynamic farms.

Organic produce is based on sustainable farming that uses neither GMO´s, artificial fertilisers on crops nor pesticides against weeds and pests. Organic farming promotes and enhances agro-ecosystem health, including biodiversity, biological cycles, and soil biological activity.

All our aroma extracts are handcrafted, filtered, bottled and packed in Denmark.

The glass flacons we use are manufactured in a factory driven largely by solar power.

The packaging are made from FSC certified paper. The paper meets all the requirements for responsible forestry. This means, for example, that the paper raw material comes from trees that are certified to originate from sustainably managed forest.

The brown cardboard boxes and box fillings used for transportation are made from sustainable and recycled sources. The cardboard sealing tape is made of heavy paper with odourless vegetable glue. Tape can stay on the cardboard box and be recycled.



The aroma extracts are gently filtered by hand. Discolouration and precipitate may therefore occur. No preservatives or solvents are used. The best before date is indicated on the bottom of each box. Please protect your glass flacon from direct sunlight and heat.