Kille Enna (b. 1972) is a trained chef, cookbook author and self-taught photographer with half German and Danish roots.

She lives and works in the countryside of Southern Sweden. Surrounded by a huge greenhouse, an organically grown garden and a UNESCO-protected nature preserve.

Her most successful cookbook Our Food—Naturally! (2013) on sustainable food was commissioned by IKEA and has been translated into 19 languages.

In 2015 she founded her AromaStudio that offers unique R&D work and flavour creation in premium botanical formulations, with a focus on extracts and blends for beverages.

The Taste of a Scent, her first line of aroma extracts for water was nominated for both the Wallpaper* Design Award 2016 in the category “Life enhancer of the year” and the German Design Awards 2017.



In My Aromatic Kitchen Kille distills the lessons she’s learned from a life devoted to spices and herbs into timeless recipes that anyone can make. Kille’s message is straightforward: the tastiest most flavor-packed meals include fresh, high-quality ingredients, prepared simply by adding aromatic blends. Inspired by the harvest from her own organic garden in southern Sweden, this is a cookbook that will appeal to the senses.

My Aromatic Kitchen / Aroma Kochbuch (2017 Prestel Verlag/Random House) was released in 2017 (German edition here & US edition here).


At age 21 running the restaurant Café Dell’Ugo, she became one of the youngest head chefs in London, working for celebrity chef and restaurateur Antony Worrall Thompson.

In the 1990’s she brought seasonal organic produce to a broader Danish audience, especially through her 3 years collaboration with Coop (Denmark’s largest supermarket group).

For many years she made her living as an acclaimed food writer, botanical explorer and photographer for various magazines and newspapers – searching for precious rare ingredients, the unusual grower and the craftsmanship behind.

Kille’s food is simple organic elegance, with a strong focus on seasonal ingredients, skillfully blended with exotic spices and herbs.



Now, she is the author of 10 critically acclaimed books. Her books are conceptually radical and delicate. No doubt due to the fact that Kille is involved in every aspect of the production. Even shooting and styling all the photos herself.

She is an expert on spices: with a whiff or a glance she can lecture about a spice’s merits. In detail. An expertise she shared in her comprehensive book Killes Spices (Killes krydderier, 2008 Politikens forlag).

Winner of the Gourmand World Cookbook Award 2009, in the category “Best Food Literature Book” in Denmark.

In 2010 Kille decided to do an experiment: To grow 32 different Nordic heirloom potatoes in her garden, with the aim of getting to know the taste, texture and usage of each tuber better. This unique potato collection was provided by NordGen, a gene bank in southern Sweden. She sprouted, nurtured, harvested and tested, which all culminated in her seventh book Potatoes on the Table (Kartofler på bordet, 2011 Politikens Forlag). The book also includes a guide on how to grow the potatoes.